Sell Smarter, Better, Faster

“Your SmartSelling solution is amazing. I was very impressed with the how accurately it outlined the psychology of my prospect and the selling advice it provided was perfect. I will be using this solution with all my accounts.” RC, Global Consulting Firm

“This software is a winner. After I answered a few questions about my prospect the solution actually told me how I can expect him to negotiate with me and how I should respond. It was right and I won the deal.” WM, Application Software Company

Right from your smartphone, iPad or PC you can access our cloud based solution and utilize the most advanced software ever developed for selling success. SmartSelling scientifically predicts how your prospect will buy and recommends how you should modify your selling style to win your next sale.

When we win sales, we are “connected” with the buyer and a foundation of trust is achieved. When we lose, often it is because we misread our buyer and didn’t use the appropriate selling style that resonated with that buyer. With SmartSelling, you will get all the critical information you need to adjust your selling style with each prospect to gain trust and win.

This highly advanced Sales 2.0 cloud technology uses proven applied behavioral sciences, statistics, advanced algorithms and powerful human interaction models to identify behavioral tendencies associated with how people make simple and complex buying decisions. SmartSelling reveals the tendencies of your buyer within the context of your various selling activities. Now you can know the buyer’s moves before they are made; sell more successfully and win more often.


Accurately predicts how your prospect thinks, acts, negotiates and makes decisions
Reveals insightful behavioral selling tips to defeat the competition
Uncovers your personal strengths and weaknesses within this sales cycle – no more surprises!
Identifies metrics that compare your behavioral tendencies in selling with your prospect’s behavioral tendencies for buying
Provides detailed sales coaching for every activity within your sales cycle…this coaching tells you exactly how you need to “sell” to win this deal
For only $29.00 per month you can use SmartSelling on an unlimited basis. No contracts, no set up fees, no cancelation fees. It’s that simple. Get started now.

How this works… You are four quick steps away from getting started with SmartSelling:

  1. Review your pipeline and select the deals you must close this quarter
  2. Sign up for SmartSelling
  3. Answer a series of questions about yourself and our advanced predictive technology instantly identifies your selling tendencies
  4. Answer a series of questions about your prospect/buying teams and our advanced behavioral models create a buyer behavior profile and a recommended game plan for you to win this opportunity

That’s all you have to do and SmartSelling does the rest. Come to SmartSelling 24/7 for expert guidance on 27 different selling activities like demonstration, proposal presentation, dealing with resistance, negotiation closing… and much more. You will receive all the information you need to effectively persuade your prospect in every step of your sales process to win the sale.

You can use SmartSelling for multi-million dollar sales or small transactions. It applies to all industries… if you are engaging with someone to persuade or negotiate, SmartSelling will give you the coaching you need to win – from any device at any time.

Get started today. It’s ONLY $29.00 per month. Use it as long as you want…cancel at any time.

Still not sure? Then watch this brief video or schedule a one on one call so we can answer your questions at your convenience.

How SmartSelling Works:

  • SmartSelling provides an on-line questionnaire to profile your selling style.
  • You answer a brief series of questions about your prospect.
  • SmartSelling creates a unique Buyer Profile reflecting the buying behavioral tendencies of the prospect.
  • The SmartSelling Knowledgebase creates customized sales coaching “best practices” for this situation based on predictive technology and behavior profiles of the seller and buyer. Scientifically generated, coaching messages provide insight and strategies to help you adjust your selling style for optimal seller/buyer alignment and trust.
  • After each meeting and interaction, you have the opportunity to refresh SmartSelling with new information and insights about your buyer. SmartSelling then provides you with updated coaching to win the sale.