Welcome to Spring Lake Technologies!

Spring Lake TechnologiesSpring Lake Technologies (SLT) offers next generation solutions that predict human behavior. Our first applications focus on helping the sales driven company enhance sales performance beyond the current levels. This is NOT CRM, NOT SFA, NOT sales training, and NOT sales process. We offer powerful sales guidance applications via the web that will have an immediate and positive impact on your organization’s sales performance.

Our predictive technology utilizes applied behavioral sciences and psychometric profiling to predict how a seller and prospect/client are likely to behave in a given sales situation. SLT solutions enable sales professionals to better align themselves with prospects and consequently sell more effectively in any situation. Our web based offerings improve sales win rates without changing internal processes or buying new software. Additionally, we help sales managers make better hiring and coaching decisions day after day.

We have developed the SmartSeries for sales performance. The SmartSeries are on-demand applications that are accessible over the web today, and via hand held devices in the future. The initial SmartSeries applications include:

  • SmartProfiling – How to identify the specific behavioral characteristics of “A” level performers
  • SmartHiring – How to hire sales professionals that can be “A’s” in your sales organization
  • SmartSelling – How to win more transactions using predictive technologies combined with applied behavioral science

Our mission is clear – To improve individual and organizational performance. This is achieved with our innovative web-based on-demand solutions that predict human behavior by integrating Applied Behavioral Sciences with advanced Internet technologies.

Our Partners

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  3. Satori Chiropractic Software: https://satorichiropracticsoftware.com
  4. Entrepreneur: https://www.entrepreneur.com
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