What We Do

Improve sales performance on an individual and organizational level through a comprehensive suite of web based on-demand software solutions that predict human behavior by integrating predictive technologies, Applied Behavioral Sciences and the art of selling.

Value Proposition

Increase revenue by improving sales win rates:

  • Improve sales organization performance
  • Help “A” level sales professionals continue to win even more transactions
  • Allow “B” and “C” level sales professionals to more consistently think and act like “A” level performers
  • Improve sales forecast accuracy
  • Improve predictability of revenues

Who We Serve

We provide our innovative solutions to a market of over 16M sales professionals in North America and over 30M worldwide, representing various industries that can gain a competitive advantage by better understanding the personalities and behaviors of the seller, the selling organization and their prospects/clients.

Distribution Channel

Direct selling and self-service subscriptions combined with strategic channel partnerships acting as resellers.


  • SmartProfiling
  • SmartHiring
  • SmartSelling

Pricing Model

Subscription Offerings Per usage:

  • 1 time utilization
  • 6 month subscription
  • 12 month subscription

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